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Alex de Vries

Alex de Vries was born and raised in The Netherlands and moved to Winnipeg, Canada at the age of 13 where he attended high school and university. 

Alex became a professional photographer after moving to Churchill, MB in 2010 when he fell in love with the natural beauty and wildlife of his surroundings. While working as a sled dog musher, he continued to study the work of local photographers as well as the many professionals who travel to Churchill duing the polar bear, northern lights, and beluga whale seasons. 

Aside from being an avid adventurer and traveler, world Alex is currently a tour guide for Sea North Tours, a company specializing in Beluga whale watching in the Churchill River mouth to the Hudson Bay in the summer, and drives for Great White Bear Tours, during the busy polar bear season in the fall. 

© 2013 by Alex de Vries Photography

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